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Slow Down Your Aging Clock with the Dental Tips from Dentist in Provo

What is more than a pretty smile? It is the gateway to overall health. Clean your teeth and look healthier for a longer time. White, straight teeth send a cheerful message, while a discolored, crooked smile, or missing or worn teeth give an aged look.

Keeping youthful mouth is all about following practical steps and boils down to two simple steps:

  • Floss and brush daily
  • See once in six months your dentist

Taking time to floss and brushing is a must. There is a need to visit the dentist Provo regularly and doing this will save you from high expenses to be borne later.

Why do people not visit regularly?

The biggest reason is folks do not give importance to oral health. The seriousness of oral health is ignored, even citing basic reasons.  Looks are given more importance, while the smile is the main priority. People do not think about the gums as brushing and flossing take time as it the toughest habit to follow.

It is observed that 25% of people only floss and the benefits of flossing are never understood by people. Flossing takes a day only two to three minutes, but most people ignore it on the pretext of lacking the time or saying they are extremely tired.

Apart from the looks, making time for dental care helps you staying healthy in the long run and if not, it will affect your health.

The common reasons that need attention from a dentist in Provo, UT are:

Periodontal disease and inflammation

Inflammation happens when debris and bacteria; the food bits enter the teeth blood vessels that are encircling the teeth. It is a response of the body, causing inflammation, and when it happens repeatedly, you end up with chronic inflammation for the long-term.

One major contributor is the mouth causing high inflammation levels. Chronic inflammation is associated with chronic diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, Alzheimer’s disease, and arthritis.  How much does the inflammation affect or even if the disease cause is not known; one thing is certain that it is not good.

Periodontal diseases affect people around 80% of Americans. Periodontal diseases cause an extensive build-up of bacteria along with the teeth and gums. Periodontal disease causes tooth loss at the top. The bacterial build-up, tooth decay, inflammation, and periodontal disease happens slowly and quietly that most people fail to notice. When brushing and flossing is done correctly and consistently, it reduces plaque build-up and bacteria, thereby preventing gum disease and inflammation.

Stained teeth

Drinking and smoking are two habits that stain your teeth. Especially, coffee and red wine affect in a way that you look old. You can get over-the-counter tooth whitening products and it has also become popular in the dentist’s offices in the U.S. It is marketed to feel and look younger.

Artificial whitening temporarily improves a smile. However, there is a need for consistent flossing, brushing, and dental care on a routine. This will ensure a lasting impact and it also allows you to age beautifully.

Doing more than flossing or brushing is inevitable; besides to stay young, visit your dentist in Provo regularly.

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