How to Prepare for TOEFL Test? Section-wise Tips

TOEFL practice test

The TOEFL practice test as well as the real test both consist of 4 different sections-these sections are Reading, Listening, Writing as well as speaking. Each of these sections needs to be studied thoroughly to achieve an overall good score on the TOEFL test. Below I will list some preparation tips for each section of the test so that you can get an overall preparation boost.

Reading Section

  • Starting off by improving your vocabulary is one of the ways to make sure you ace the reading section. The best and easiest way to improve your vocabulary is by expanding your reading, especially in books. Also, try to learn the meaning of the words that you don’t fully understand and the common roots of the words as much as you can.
  • You will also want to study academic texts. Try to look for the main ideas inside the text and then pay very close attention to the relationship between those two texts. Then make a list of the text and then write a small samurry about the text.
  • Practice your reading by timing yourself, if you read very slow then make a goal to improve your reading time.
  • Find some unfamiliar words from a passage in the book and try to find the meaning of the words from sentences surrounding those words. And then later conform to see if you got the meaning correctly.

Listening Section

  • Listen to a bunch of different topics but start out by listening to topics that you do understand very well, and then move on to the more difficult topics and spend more time on them.
  • Listen to each section a few different times, you can first listen to them with English subtitles on and then listen without the subtitles.
  • Write down all the words and phrases that you hear and you don’t understand and then try to figure out what they mean.
  • Focus on the speaker’s style, listen to them and try to understand what kind of mood they are in.
  • In the end, stop the recording and sum up what you’ve just learned.

Speaking Section

  • Use the language to give opinions, and then explain the problem as well as the solution of what you’re speaking about.
  • Learn to use informational speech and also work on pronouncing your words correctly.
  • Practice free speaking. Make a list of your favorite subjects like sports, hobbies, or traveling, and then spend time practicing talking about your favorite subject.
  • Read a news article and then prepare a review of the article and give a 1 to 2-minute speech about how you feel.

Writing Section

  • Study by organizing your paragraphs as well as your essays.
  • Learn how to find synonyms.
  • Learn how to type on a QWERTY style keyboard.
  • Practice learning how to write your explanation by listening to lectures and even talks online or on youtube.
  • Try learning how to paraphrase sentences.
  • Find an English textbook and read some chapters inside the book. Then go to the end of the chapter and find questions about the chapter and write answers to those questions.
  • Make a list of some interesting topics and then write an essay about those topics.
  • At the end of your study period take a free TOEFL practice test to see if you’re ready to take the real test.
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